Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products genuine?

Yes, they all are the same exact product you would get in any department store. All our products are guaranteed, sealed, and stored in a climate controlled warehouse. 

Do you have any physical locations?

No, we are an internet only retailer. We are not associated with any physical locations bearing our name, specifically ones in Colorado.

What are "Testers" or "Unboxed" version?

A tester is a product department stores purchase from manufacturers to allow customers to try before buying. The perfume bottle is exactly the same, but they come in a plain box or no box. Testers have never been used and come direct from the manufacturer. Unboxed perfumes are products that have had their boxes discarded due to damage during shipping. Neither of these are recommended for gifts.  

Is Gift Wrapping Available?

Yes, most products can be gift wrapped for $4.99. Gift wrapping selection is available on the shopping cart page once a product is placed in a cart.